12 June 2012

Breaking Pointe & Ballet Inspiration

I'm not much for television these days, particularly reality shows, but "Breaking Pointe" on the CW network sparked my interest:


Per the CW Network series description: 
"Breaking Pointe" rips back the curtain on the inner workings of elite Salt Lake City Ballet Company, Ballet West. It obliterates the notion that ballet is a dated art form and shatters pre-conceived stereotypes about the men and women who give their lives to the world of ballet. Shot in a rich, cinematic style, "Breaking Pointe" pulls the viewer directly into the company, where they will experience the exhausting rehearsals, the stylized glamour of the dancers' life and the vibrant and dynamic main-stage performances.
In the few episodes that have aired since it's premier on May 31st, I have learned the levels/positions a ballerina can hold within a ballet company, seen some grueling rehearsals, and also a few lovely costumes. 

Although I haven't taken ballet since childhood and struggle to find adult ballet classes offered near my home, I have found a way to incorporate some of it's grace and body toning benefits in my life through this challenging, yet relaxing, workout:

New York City Ballet: The Complete Workout, Vol. 1 and 2

All of this ballet talk couldn't go without a little bit of beautiful ballet inspiration...

{via Martha Stewart Weddings}



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  1. I've missed out on this since the fist one.
    Must catch up! Such pretty pictures
    merci carolg


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