22 February 2012

White Vintage Findings

A few vintage finds (the first with a bit of a story) mostly in white with a touch of gold...

This juice glass and server set is reminicent of one my grandmother had.  She was without the server but her glasses were identical in shape and size with a bit of variation in floral pattern and color (her flowers were yellow).  Recently, my parents and I were remembering Grandma's glasses and much to my surprise my mother had located this set and gifted it to me a few weeks ago.  I can hardly wait to host a brunch!

{Adorable napkin rings also 'rescued' by my parents...my husband remarking on how our future children will love to play with  break these}

{Vintage yet modern salt and pepper shakers}

{Have searched high and low for a purse like this! Lovely intricate beading, silk lined}
{And the golden touch to this bunch is a vintage lipstick holder!  Isn't this gorgeous? A great excuse to go purchase 5 new lipsticks, non?}

Have a lovely day. xo, Alicia

21 February 2012

Paris Breakfast: Downton Abbey

I've been admiring the artwork of Carol Gillott a.k.a. Paris Breakfast for some time now.  I am a subscriber to her blog and when I read the title of today's post I was thrilled: Strawberry Tea at Downton Abbey.  This is Carol's lovely, simple creation...

Carol goes on to share some other interesting things in the post, I highly recommend you check it out at the link above.  And I certainly hope all of you Downton fans saw the season finale Sunday night! My favorite scene was the last, not only because of what happened (don't worry no spoilers here), mostly because it felt as if looking through a snow globe, so incredibly dreamy and beautiful.  Did you have a favorite scene and if so, what was it?

Have a lovely day. xo, Alicia

14 February 2012

Simple Valentine's Table

A white cotton frayed edge table cloth draped with silver scalloped lace....a galvanized bucket with the most beautiful pink flowers...modern white candlestick pillars...and two dainty white bow napkin rings.

Have a lovely day. xo, Alicia

11 February 2012

As Promised: The Painting

A peek at our new painting that I referenced here.  We are still trying to compromise on where this lovely should be displayed in our house...only time will tell.  For now, it is propped against the wall in our living room.   The antique dealer is convinced we should paint the frame; his suggestions were matte black or a bright red.  I love the detail of the frame and agree it could use some color tweaking, but am hesitant to do anything to distract from the beauty of the painting.

So, what do you think?  Paint the frame? And if so, what color?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.  We are experiencing a peaceful, delicate snow here in New York.
xo, Alicia

09 February 2012

She Wears It Well: Vintage Pretty

Remember the Belle Maison Et Moi  necklace giveaway a few weeks ago? Well, the winner and fellow blogger Pearl over at Vintage Pretty is wearing it in her latest post.  She styled it perfectly (don't you just love her outfit?) and made the necklace look so very lovely....

{The super beautiful Pearl in her super cute outfit}

{The necklace close up, a little blurry but very exciting for me to see one of my items in 'action' for lack of a better word!}

Thanks for letting me have a moment to show and tell ;o)

08 February 2012

Wishlist: Artwork Inspiration

My husband often says "It looks like we just moved in.  We need to hang some things on the walls."  Oh how I love thee ♥  And while I somewhat agree that we could add more interest to our walls, I don't agree that we should just hang things up for the sake of it.  I heart visual clutter. 

This Friday, I am tagging along with my husband to an out of state business meeting and I just so happened to purchase a French Impressionist painting that we are picking up on our way!  I discovered the painting last weekend while antiquing and could not stop thinking about it. When I learned my husband had this upcoming trip only 45 minutes from the antique market, I called and purchased the painting over the phone...who does this?!  I know, I know and trust me I have never purchased artwork over the phone before and my husband and friends (S.C. particularly) have been laughing at me ever since.  If anyone will share a love for this painting as much as I do, I know it will be you my readers and my fellow blogger friends.  So until this painting can be shared with you (likely on Saturday so be sure to check back), here is some other artwork currently on my wish list:

{Heart} this print which is perfect for Valentine's Day or any other 'love' related occassion:

PRINT Wall Art Typography Love, Inspirational Love Print, 'Shower Your Love' Art Print, Valentine's Day Gift

{Vintage Boulevard Monmartre French Impressionist painting}


Watercolor Travel Illustration - A Purple Paris print

Don't forget to check in on Saturday for the painting reveal ;o) Have a lovely day. xo, Alicia

06 February 2012

Valentine's Wreath

Very simple, but my favorite wreath creation to date:

To view my other wreath projects click here, here, & here.
Happy Monday! xo, Alicia

02 February 2012

Fashion Story

Have not had much time for shopping lately, so I am virtually shopping and creating collages of outfits I would love to own, right down to the accessories.  The catch is I own the jewelry, well, technically I made the jewelry but it's up for grabs through my Etsy shop and not for me to keep.  I know many of you have your own shops/businesses and will agree with me when I tell you that it's hard to part with these treasures we love so much but we know in our hearts that there are others who will love them just as much, if not more, than we do.

Let us head into fashion dreamland for a quick trip and imagine ourselves strolling down the streets of oh let's say...Paris, Milan, New York City, or maybe even your hometown because we owe it to ourselves to look magnifique!

 {Items by J.Crew. Necklace by Belle Maison Et Moi}

{J. Crew Blouse & Pants, Kate Spade clutch, Chloe flats. Jewelry by Belle Maison Et Moi}

Sometimes virtual shopping is just as much fun as the real thing.  And lately, online shopping has proved to be my preference, mostly because I adore the excitement of waiting for the perfect package to arrive at the front door!

Have a lovely day and thanks for visiting.  xo, Alicia

01 February 2012

Sheer Simplicity

Hoping for early spring weather to put together some outfits with these new pretties:

{Blouses by Forever 21}

Definitely my favorite of the bunch:

{Tell me you aren't in love with this too?}

A nod to Chanel inspired fashion at a lovely price:

Boho chic in a dusty blush pink:

In the meantime, I plan to layer these pretties with blazers and cardigans, mini pants and skinny jeans, tall leather riding boots and ballet flats. 

If you love these feminine, classic, romantic styles, you will adore the LOVE21 Contemporary line available through Forever 21 online and in select stores. 

                                                                          xo, Alicia