28 September 2012

Fashion Splurges & Last Day to Enter Deco Chic Giveaway!

Happy Friday everyone!  It couldn't have arrived soon enough.  Just a reminder that today by 3pm EST is the last day to enter the Deco Chic Bracelet Giveaway


Thanks to those who have already entered and left a comment.  PLEASE remember to leave a comment as to how you have entered the giveaway (i.e. if you have become a follower or already follow, have Tweeted the giveaway, posted the giveaway on your Facebook, or blogged about the giveaway) otherwise I will not know and will not be able to count you when I randomly choose the lucky winner! 

On another note, so happy it's payday because I have been in shopping mode!  I have several upcoming weddings/events and have been looking for a timeless dress that I can wear throughout the year with the addition of a light blazer or sweater.  When I spotted this beauty in the J.Crew catalog, I fell in lust, but have waited until it went on sale and voila it has!  It's difficult to see the 3 adorable bows down the back. In addition to how much I love the style, I feel like it's a sign that I own this dress because it's call 'Lucille' which was my maternal grandmother's name...and what a fashionista she was! 

Collection Lucille dress in cheetah brocade
Collection Lucille dress in cheetah brocade
{J. Crew Collection Lucille dress in Cheetah $225}

Pricey, I know, but I rarely splurge this much on a clothing item (those of you who know me know me that I usually don't buy anything when shopping but am happy to talk others into purchases...wink wink S.C.).  My new mindset is price-per-wear and I already have 3 occassions to wear this dress!  It can also be worn as a skirt with a chunky sweater with tights during fall/winter and with a lighter cardigan or crewneck sweater with ballet flats or sandals in spring. I'm sure you're clearly seeing how I can talk others into expensive splurges, huh?

Also on my purchase list are these JBrand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, also a bit pricey, but I have worn my skinny jeans to the point of a rip in the most unlady like of places. Hence, an easily justified purchase:

{via jbrandjeans.com}

This will be my first go at JBrand jeans but they are so wildly popular and have been touted so highly by The Daily Connoisseur, that I finally had to cave and try them out.  Now if only the Louboutins were included (sigh).

Have a great weekend!

27 September 2012

Pumpkin Cream Puffs

Though I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin pie, I do like the flavor of sweetened spiced pumpkin in small doses.  This super quick and simple filling for Pumpkin Cream Puffs should do just the trick...

Pumpkin Cream Puffs
{via bonappetit}

Pumpkin Cream Puffs
Whisk together heavy cream, confectioners sugar and pure vanilla extract until stiff peaks form; fold into canned pumpkin. Pipe the pumpkin cream into store-bought donut holes.

These would be a great quick party treat or easy weeknight dessert.  I'm planning to make them this weekend with a steamy mug of spiked hot cider!
Photograph by Ashley Rodriguez

26 September 2012

Deco Chic Bracelet Giveaway

Hi there!  So glad you stopped in to check out the Belle Maison Et Moi Deco Chic Bracelet Giveaway!  The Deco Chic bracelet is an adjustable brass cuff accented with black ribbon and a faceted black and silvery gunmetal jeweled accent.  Timeless, sophisticated, modern, trendy, and versatile.  The giveaway rules are posted after the photos.  Good luck!

Giveaway Rules:

Become a follower or already follow the blog 
Tweet about the giveaway
Post the giveaway on your Facebook page
Blog about the giveaway

Please leave me a comment as to how you have entered the giveaway along with your email contact

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 3PM EST ON FRIDAY, SEPTMBER 28th. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Monday, October 1st.

Bonne Chance! xo, Alicia

25 September 2012

Deco Inspired

Deco chic is where it's at this season so I figured a Belle Maison Et Moi Deco inspired cuff bracelet would be the perfect giveaway treat!  Tomorrow I will be posting said bracelet so check back and enter for your chance to win.

In the meantime, here are some of the Deco inspired jewelry pieces that I have been admiring this season...

{Kenneth Jay Lane Deco Cuff. Love KJL!}
Photo: This Week’s Discovery: for your jewelry box...the Art Deco-inspired Lulu Frost for J.Crew necklace.

Take a closer look: http://bit.ly/QkMLHH
{Lulu Frost (love!) for J. Crew. Someday I will own a my own little piece of Lulu Frost}
{Piperlime Sabine Art Deco Shield Ring}
Hope you'll stop by tomorrow for the giveaway announcement!
photos: one   two  three  four

24 September 2012

Weekend Snapshots

A weekend filled with shopping, good food (beet salad with S.C. yum!), and new beauty finds it seems...

{Testing out Snappi dry shampoo. Cute packaging}

{Bridesmaids shoes that finally arrived. Surprisingly really like them!}
{A gift from the Coach store...sadly not for moi!}
{Visit to the Chanel counter for an event. LOVE the Vitalumier Aqua Compact sample I received}

 Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Wednesday brings a jewelry giveaway announcement but check in tomorrow for my inspiration for the giveaway!

photos by:  Belle Maison Et Moi

21 September 2012

"So Long Sweet Summer...

I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays..."
                                                                -Dashboard Confessional

{My solitary bubblegum ice cream cone of the summer. Delicious! Gigi thought so too..sneaky girl}
{A stormy summer sky...}
{To water our plants}
{Hot summer hikes with Gigi...}
{Followed by sunny afternoon cat naps with Piglet}
Although I'm sad to see summer officially end, cheers to the beginning of Autumn tomorrow...what better way to kick off my favorite season than with a jewelry giveaway which I will be announcing next week.
Have a great weekend!
xo, Alicia

20 September 2012

Godiva Cake Truffles, Oh My!

I spotted Godiva's limited edition Cake Truffles by Duff Goldman while shopping recently and regretting that I didn't scoop a bunch up for multiple upcoming fall/winter birthdays! 

Love the packaging! 

Here is a closer look at the flavors and fillings:
{I don't much care for cake but the Birthday Cake Truffle is so pretty and looks delectable!}

If you're looking for an indulgent last minute birthday gift idea (or just want to treat yourself), you might want to order some of these online or head to your nearest Godiva retailer.

Here's to the sweet life!
xo, Alicia 

11 September 2012

Table Service: French Style

Late this spring while reading Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott, there was a passage which described 'Madame Chic' wheeling to the table a cart with the family meal she had prepared:

What a lovely formality for daily dining and quite practical and efficient as well.  I have an affinity for bar carts however my husband and I do not drink much, so to use one for it's intended purpose would be impractical.  To use a bar cart for table service would be a chic addition to meals any time of day.  Here are a few of my favorites:

{Gold Faux Bamboo via Ebay}

{Colin Cowie for HSN}

Beckett Bar Cart

Vintage Bar Cart - Mid Century, Modern, Retro, Shelf
{Makes me laugh because it looks like a stroller! Still love it though. via Etsy}

Would you consider a bar cart to elevate your daily dining? 

xo, Alicia

10 September 2012

Weekend Snapshots

Happy Monday! Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Here are a few snapshots of what my weekend consisted of:

{On Friday evening, I came home to find my new necklace had arrived!}
{Followed by a pedicure in Essie's Licorice shade}
{Saturday consisted of catching up on a stack of mags dropped off by oldest bestie!}
{Saturday night was Oktoberfest. 1st pitcher of the night!}
{Sunday I decided it was time to pick my homegrown produce..tiniest green pepper ever, right?  Remember what I told you about my non-existent green thumb in this post?  Celebrating their beauty with my German flag from Oktoberfest which was served in our apple strudel...yum!}
What did you do over the weekend?


06 September 2012

Coming up Roses

Rose gold jewelry that is.  It's the hottest thing since sliced bread, quite difficult to find at times, but utterly gorgeous, especially with lingering summery bronze skin.  My mother recently gave me this necklace and I have been wearing it endlessly with everything.  Oh how I love thee...

{A delicate, rose gold sparkling disc necklace} 

This necklace inspired me to purchase a few more to layer with it or in other various combinations:

rose gold Stick with rainrope necklace-rose gold necklace-double rose gold necklace
{via etsy}

rose gold necklace-infinity love necklace-sweet necklace-perfect best for you or friends
{via etsy}

05 September 2012

Mmm Mmm Marshmallow

A neat little story about the fashionable resurgence of marshmallows in France along with two recipes for homemade marshmallows.  Yum Yum!

A Paris shop displays jars with marshmallows. Sweet or salty, flavoured with fruit, flowers, vegetables - even fish - classic versions and novel takes on the puffy pastel-coloured cubes are winning a new fan base in the country that invented the treats.
AFP © A Paris shop displays jars with marshmallows. Sweet or salty, flavoured with fruit, flowers, vegetables - even fish - classic versions and novel takes on the puffy pastel-coloured cubes are winning a new fan base in the country that invented the treats.

Click below for the full article:

For fancy (and more labor-intensive) marshmallows, here is a recipe from Clotilde Dusoulier, author of the popular cookbook and blog Chocolate and Zucchini.  This is a picture of her Guimauve a la Rose et au Chocolat:
{photo via Chocolate & Zucchini}

For a simple, 6 ingredient recipe, here is one from Ina Garten, a.k.a. Barefoot Contessa:
Picture of Homemade Marshmallows Recipe
{photo via foodnetwork}

xo, Alicia

03 September 2012

Mary Alice's Hoagie Dip

Trying out this recipe for a Labor Day gathering today.  I couldn't resist taste testing the early results and at this point, the only change I would make is to decrease the basil by 1/2 teaspoon and increase the amount of pepperoncini peppers to taste.  Enjoy!


Mary Alice's Hoagie Dip
Courtesy of Mary Alice Yeskey of Food Network Magazine


  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 pickled pepperoncini peppers
  • 1/2 head iceberg lettuce
  • 1 large tomato, halved and seeded
  • 1/4 pound deli-sliced genoa salami
  • 1/4 pound deli-sliced ham
  • 1/4 pound deli-sliced prosciutto
  • 1/4 pound deli-sliced roast turkey
  • 1/4 pound deli-sliced provolone cheese
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons dried basil
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1 10-to-12-inch round loaf Italian Bread
  • 8 hoagie rolls, cut into pieces, for dipping

{Red onion, tomato, lettuce, pepperoncini peppers. Reserve extra for topping}
{olive oil, basil, oregano, crushed red pepper, and mayo (I used light b/c it tastes the same!}

{Mixed with the ham, turkey, salami, and provolone cheese. Reserve extra meats and cheese for toppings}

{The hollowed out bread bowl that the dip is added to before serving}

{Voila! Mine will not likely look as lovely as this food network version  when it's put together, but you get the idea}


Chop the onion, pepperoncini, lettuce and tomato into bite-size pieces. Dice the meats and cheese.

Combine the chopped vegetables, meats and cheese in a large bowl. Add the mayonnaise, olive oil, oregano, basil and red pepper flakes and stir until everything is all mixed up and tasty. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Carve out the center of the bread loaf to make a bowl (don't cut through the bottom) and cut the scraps into bite-size pieces. Serve the hoagie dip in the bread bowl, with the extra bread and hoagie rolls to scoop it up.