18 January 2012

Fabulous Fashion: Gap

Admittedly, I haven't thought much about the GAP in recent years and had kind of crossed them off my shopping list.  However, a quick stroll through their online shop today made me reconsider...at least temporarily.  A few favorite items:
{Skimmer Ballet Flats $49.95}

{Neon ruffle-trim cardigan $49.95}

{Sheer Ruffle Overlay Blouse $49.99}

{Faux Fur Coat $59.99}

{Boatneck gold buttoned sweater $14.99}


  1. Replies
    1. I know!!! They're my latest obsession ;o) Glad you love them too...

  2. I love those pointed blush flats! I haven't shopped at the GAP in years either.

    The items in your blog banner are beautiful! I love that mirror!

    Happy day to you,

    1. The flats are great, I think the pointy toe makes them a bit dressier which is nice for a flat. They are so your color too ;o)
      xo, Alicia

  3. LOVE them all. was going to say i love those flats but kept scrolling down. great ruffled trim on the cardigan and that eggplant blouse is so pretty! guess it's time to head back to the gap.


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