31 October 2011

La Toussaint (All Saints Day)

Well, it's November 1st, hard to believe!  I did a little research on La Toussaint and have posted a beautiful oil on canvas painting by French artist Émile Friant (1863-1932).

 All Saints Day is one of the most respected national public days in France. During this bank holiday, French people traditionally pay tribute to their relatives but La Toussaint (French All Saints) is also a good opportunity to get together and spend time in family.
On November 1st it is a common sight to see French people laying chrysanthemums or wreaths of immortelles (everlasting flowers) on the graves of loved ones.
Chrysanthemums are indeed so closely linked to La Toussaint that the French never give them as a gift.

                                             {Flowers for the Dead  by Emile Friant}


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  1. Lovely blog, such pretty things!
    As you said, at Toussaint the markets are bursting with pots of chrysanthemums and the supermarkets with the plastic alternatives. Our neighbours were pretty horrified when one November my husband thought it romantic to buy me some chrysanthemums, not knowing their significance!


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