26 October 2011

Paper flower

I love fresh flowers in the house, but it's not always practical to refresh them on a regular basis.  Having made plenty of fabric flowers, I thought I would try my hand at paper flowers.  Although I plan to make a bouquet of them (using colored tissue paper), I started with one to see how it would go.  Here's what I came up with:

My supplies: old packaging paper, scissors, orange and black ribbon, and wooden skewers

Next, with the paper folded, cut a half heart to create one set of petals

Continue cutting different size half hearts (petals)

Begin twisting at the base as you add the petals

Soon, the flower will begin to take shape

Add a bit of tape around the base and tie on your ribbon

Et voila!

My apologies for such terrible lighting in these photos,  but I hope this 'tutorial' was easy to follow and you'll give paper flowers a try too!


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