22 December 2011

A Few Elegant Rules

A few guidelines from The Martini Diet by Jennifer 'Gin' Sander to keep in mind while indulging during the holidays. To put it simply is to practice "Indulgence with restraint".

The basic rules of The Martini Diet are:

Rule #1: Eat Only the Very Best

Rule #2: Eat Somewhat Less of the Very Best

Rule #3: Eat the Very Best Only at Mealtimes

Maybe you'll want this recipe from The Martini Diet...

I hope the entire recipe shows...if the bottom is cut off, basically you just put the mixture over the toasts, put them in the oven and flip after 5 minutes and bake until lightly browned. Arrange these with the rest of the cocktail treats.

Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday! xo, Alicia

recipe image from books.google.com

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