22 February 2012

White Vintage Findings

A few vintage finds (the first with a bit of a story) mostly in white with a touch of gold...

This juice glass and server set is reminicent of one my grandmother had.  She was without the server but her glasses were identical in shape and size with a bit of variation in floral pattern and color (her flowers were yellow).  Recently, my parents and I were remembering Grandma's glasses and much to my surprise my mother had located this set and gifted it to me a few weeks ago.  I can hardly wait to host a brunch!

{Adorable napkin rings also 'rescued' by my parents...my husband remarking on how our future children will love to play with  break these}

{Vintage yet modern salt and pepper shakers}

{Have searched high and low for a purse like this! Lovely intricate beading, silk lined}
{And the golden touch to this bunch is a vintage lipstick holder!  Isn't this gorgeous? A great excuse to go purchase 5 new lipsticks, non?}

Have a lovely day. xo, Alicia


  1. that glass set is fab!!!

    hey, your qhite serving dish is famous again!~LOL. Maybe the photostylist is the one who bought it from inventori!!!

  2. Love the juice glasses and server. I've never seen one like this. Great post! Mitty @ My Faux French Chateau.

  3. Such a cute lipstick holder. I've never seen anything like that before. Fiona

  4. had to post another comment because i've nominated you for the leiber award! i posted about it today: http://batesmercantileco.blogspot.com/2012/03/and-that-award-goes-to.html

  5. so pretty!!! I just saw a lipstick holder like yours recently- it was curved :) Wishing I would have gotten it. Thanks for your comment on the French art work! In answer to your question ( I left a note in my comments section, but wasn't sure if you get follow up emails....) the wall color is Pistachio Tint by Valspar. It's more "minty" (blue undertones) than I'd hoped for, but I really like it. Especially in the summer! Thanks for your visit!


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