08 February 2012

Wishlist: Artwork Inspiration

My husband often says "It looks like we just moved in.  We need to hang some things on the walls."  Oh how I love thee ♥  And while I somewhat agree that we could add more interest to our walls, I don't agree that we should just hang things up for the sake of it.  I heart visual clutter. 

This Friday, I am tagging along with my husband to an out of state business meeting and I just so happened to purchase a French Impressionist painting that we are picking up on our way!  I discovered the painting last weekend while antiquing and could not stop thinking about it. When I learned my husband had this upcoming trip only 45 minutes from the antique market, I called and purchased the painting over the phone...who does this?!  I know, I know and trust me I have never purchased artwork over the phone before and my husband and friends (S.C. particularly) have been laughing at me ever since.  If anyone will share a love for this painting as much as I do, I know it will be you my readers and my fellow blogger friends.  So until this painting can be shared with you (likely on Saturday so be sure to check back), here is some other artwork currently on my wish list:

{Heart} this print which is perfect for Valentine's Day or any other 'love' related occassion:

PRINT Wall Art Typography Love, Inspirational Love Print, 'Shower Your Love' Art Print, Valentine's Day Gift

{Vintage Boulevard Monmartre French Impressionist painting}


Watercolor Travel Illustration - A Purple Paris print

Don't forget to check in on Saturday for the painting reveal ;o) Have a lovely day. xo, Alicia


  1. Well, I'm honored to be included in such beautiful company. I think you did the right thing. It's funny art/paintings. You just know in your gut when you see it. Trust your gut, phone sale or no phone sale :)

  2. beautiful collection! Great to see Mercantile Muse it amongst those other greats!


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