06 March 2012

Black and White Interior: Yulian Chaplinsky

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live inside of one of those lincoln log homes you may have built as a child?  I never did either, log homes are not my thing (much to the dismay of my environmental scientist husband!)  But if the interior of a lincoln log style home could look like this would you reconsider?  I sure would!

This home is designed by a designer in Moscow named Yulian Chaplinsky:

In love with the fireplace and the chandelier in the living room.  Overall, it's stunning.  And because the wood is painted white (my favorite!) it's sleek and chic.  No Brawny men here ☺

Have a lovely day. xo, Alicia


  1. these are gorgeous!! love the black and white combination and the rooms still look soft!

  2. Yes I do believe I could live here *winks* Although there's no way I'd want to dust all those logs! And the dust would REALLY show with white paint too!.. That said it' still really beautiful in black and white. Vanna

  3. Spending vacation in own house is one of the best happiest moment in life when we meet our dear ones specially parents. And meeting the place where we lived conveys memories. When we visit it reminds our memories. So nice to see you in park with winter look. you r looking very pretty.
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