24 September 2012

Weekend Snapshots

A weekend filled with shopping, good food (beet salad with S.C. yum!), and new beauty finds it seems...

{Testing out Snappi dry shampoo. Cute packaging}

{Bridesmaids shoes that finally arrived. Surprisingly really like them!}
{A gift from the Coach store...sadly not for moi!}
{Visit to the Chanel counter for an event. LOVE the Vitalumier Aqua Compact sample I received}

 Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Wednesday brings a jewelry giveaway announcement but check in tomorrow for my inspiration for the giveaway!

photos by:  Belle Maison Et Moi


  1. I love the vintage lipstick holder in the back of the dry shampoo pic. I have a bad habit of HAVING to buy every vintage lipstick holder I see in thrift stores I love them soo much:P

  2. Thanks, Daphne! It's so funny you commented on the lipstick holder b/c I have noticed them on your blog as well! This is the only one I've EVER come across and absolutely adore it. I really need to purchase some new lipsticks to stash in there, but for now, I'm loving it for my moisturizer tubes and powder brush.


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