28 September 2012

Fashion Splurges & Last Day to Enter Deco Chic Giveaway!

Happy Friday everyone!  It couldn't have arrived soon enough.  Just a reminder that today by 3pm EST is the last day to enter the Deco Chic Bracelet Giveaway


Thanks to those who have already entered and left a comment.  PLEASE remember to leave a comment as to how you have entered the giveaway (i.e. if you have become a follower or already follow, have Tweeted the giveaway, posted the giveaway on your Facebook, or blogged about the giveaway) otherwise I will not know and will not be able to count you when I randomly choose the lucky winner! 

On another note, so happy it's payday because I have been in shopping mode!  I have several upcoming weddings/events and have been looking for a timeless dress that I can wear throughout the year with the addition of a light blazer or sweater.  When I spotted this beauty in the J.Crew catalog, I fell in lust, but have waited until it went on sale and voila it has!  It's difficult to see the 3 adorable bows down the back. In addition to how much I love the style, I feel like it's a sign that I own this dress because it's call 'Lucille' which was my maternal grandmother's name...and what a fashionista she was! 

Collection Lucille dress in cheetah brocade
Collection Lucille dress in cheetah brocade
{J. Crew Collection Lucille dress in Cheetah $225}

Pricey, I know, but I rarely splurge this much on a clothing item (those of you who know me know me that I usually don't buy anything when shopping but am happy to talk others into purchases...wink wink S.C.).  My new mindset is price-per-wear and I already have 3 occassions to wear this dress!  It can also be worn as a skirt with a chunky sweater with tights during fall/winter and with a lighter cardigan or crewneck sweater with ballet flats or sandals in spring. I'm sure you're clearly seeing how I can talk others into expensive splurges, huh?

Also on my purchase list are these JBrand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, also a bit pricey, but I have worn my skinny jeans to the point of a rip in the most unlady like of places. Hence, an easily justified purchase:

{via jbrandjeans.com}

This will be my first go at JBrand jeans but they are so wildly popular and have been touted so highly by The Daily Connoisseur, that I finally had to cave and try them out.  Now if only the Louboutins were included (sigh).

Have a great weekend!


  1. In response to your comment where I finally found skinny jeans that fit me well. I am not sure if you are in Canada or not but I have found the jeans at le Chateau to be quite nice I have 3 pairs from there are for a petite girl the waist fits really well on them. I did have to hem them though:( They have a few different brand lines the jeans sized 0,2,4 etc fit better than the jeans marked 24,26 etc Hope this helps! It took me years to get around to finding a pair that fit my well!

    1. Thanks, Daphne. This is helpful. I'm in the U.S. so I will likely have to search for this brand online. I always find a brand/fit that I like and then they discontinue the style :o(


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