18 October 2012

Doe Eyes: Part 2

You may remember this post about creating doe eyes with makeup for a wedding I was planning to attend.  Well, in 'real life' the result was great (minus my failed attempt at applying false lashes...epic fail, friends!)  In photos, however, the makeup did not translate as well and does not look as dramatic as it did in person.  I'm realizing just how much eye makeup needs to be applied for it to really show up in photos and it's much more than I am comfortable with wearing in real life. 

This is how my results turned out.  I also used a brown palette rather than black (which I typically wear) and I have to say I have been getting more compliments since switching over to this palette for my eyes.

Do you have a favorite eye look that you recommend?  I'd love to hear.

Have a lovely day, Alicia


  1. You did a lovely job! I know I always think I wear a lot of make-up but when I see pictures and realize I looked barefaced:P I switched over to browns and purples a few years back and have never looked back to black it is just way to dark for me now!

  2. Thanks Daphne! It's amazing how easy it is to look barefaced in photos. I bet the browns and purples you wear look great.


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