11 October 2012

Doe Eyes

This weekend I'll be a guest at wedding and am hoping to glam up my makeup a bit, particularly my eyes.  My inspiration is, (surprise!) none other than Olivia Palermo who is an expert at creating a dramatic doe-eyed look:

{A close up of Olivia's eyes}

Word on the street has it that Olivia typically uses false eyelashes.  I may try to apply falsh lashes myself (yikes!), but just in case, I found this fun video from Bourjois to create doe eyes simply using liner and mascara (*note* I will be adding a few shades of eyeshadow a la Olivia, to get a smokier evening eye compared to the model in the video)


  1. This is my everyday make up look, never knew it was called doe eyed! good to know! Olivia's version looks more suited to a wedding, have a great time:)

  2. I might start wearing the doe-eyed look daily a la Bourjois...it's surprisingly easy. Would love to see a post on your eye makeup look, Daphne!


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