09 August 2011

Dining Room Revamp

When we bought our house in 2008 (from owners who had not updated it in 40 years), we knew it would need many hours of care.  The dining room was one of the easiest to revamp but one of the most important since it is the first room to be seen once you cross the threshold of our front door and mudroom.

{Polyester blue curtains, dingy dirt stained wall-to-wall carpeting & a super outdated light fixture}

{The in between stage: carpet torn out, primed in white, old light fixture & door}


{Peacock Blue Silk drapes}

{A super pale, cool tone gray paint by Sherwin Williams Harmony no-voc line}


  1. what a difference. nice dining room. would you consider hanging more art on the walls?

  2. Thank you! I definitely am considering hanging more art on the walls if I could just find some pieces I like well enough to make the investment...I get bored easily so they'd have to be super special ;O) Thanks for writing!



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