11 August 2011

Viceroy Palm Springs: destination inspired vignette

My husband and I talk about visitng the Viceroy Palm Springs in California hopefully sooner than later.  Maybe some of you have been there, maybe not.  Given the state of the economy, for us and many others, vacations are the last thing on our minds.  But this has gotten me to think about how to bring these destinations to us since we cannot get to them.  Luckily, creating a Viceroy Palm Springs vignette in a small area of our home was fairly simple given that our decor is primarily black and white.  Out for a walk with my dog this morning, I picked a wildflower that became the yellow featured in the vignette.  Before I show you my simple little creation, allow me to take you on a quick virtual vacation to this stylish hotel:

{Regency Room}

{Sovereign Villa}

{Weatherly Suite}

{Citron Restaurant}

Okay, so now for my simple, small corner of Viceroy Palm Springs, here's my little vignette:

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