14 July 2011

Black and White Decor: Coco & Igor style

I love black and white, have you guessed that yet?  Although black and white are neutral, to me, they make an impact without screaming like many of the vivid hues found in homes today.  Their absence of loudness, for lack of a better word, allow accents items to become the center of attention; it might be a family photo, a brightly colored pillow, or even a pattern.  Have you ever noticed how a pattern maintains it's integrity in black and white?  It still stands out and is the center of attention whereas, a pattern in colors, seems somewhat diluted at times because it's all about the color.  Don't get me wrong, I like a pop of color here and there, but prefer the clean canvas and limited visual clutter that black and white provides.  For you Rolling Stones fans out there, my father's favorite song to sing when my husband and I began decorating our house was, you guessed it, Paint it Black!  I have to laugh every time I hear it play on the radio.

Let's explore the world of black and white decor through photos from the movie Coco & Igor:

photo credits: one  two  three  four  five

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