13 July 2011

Grilled peaches with yogurt and granola

When the temperature soars for days on end as it has been here in New York, I crave light and fresh desserts.  I bought my first peaches of the season and while I plan to make peach bellini's with some of them (that post will be in the very near future), I thought I would grill the peaches and top them with a dollop of organic vanilla yogurt and a sprinkle of almond raisin granola.  Healthy, super tasty, and best of all, simple!  Hope you'll try it soon:

{ one  lovely peach...just enough for  hubby & I}

{ready to get to work with my favorite paring knife}

{just slice and take out the pit}

{brush on a little oil (I prefer grapeseed oil)  for easy removal from the grill or grill pan} 
{warm & juicy just off the grill!}

{ Ready to serve in my grandmother's dessert dishes}

Do you have any hot weather recipes to share?  Please send them my way!  Alicia 

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