20 July 2011

Pink interiors

Recently while listening to Living in Style on Martha Stewart's Sirius satellite radio channel, the discussion turned to using pink paint in unexpected places.  One specific idea they mentioned was painting the ceiling a very pale pink to create a candlelit glow to a room.  A brilliantly creative idea for those who fear painting an entire room pink or for those whose loved ones are opposed to pink paint anywhere in the house (my husband, for example).  I love the idea of a pale pink ceiling, but also dream of having a soft pink office space within our house.  Either way, I found some beautiful photos of pink interiors that inspire me to keep my dream alive.  Enjoy!

{I am speechless...look at this ceiling!!}

{warm pink walls, trim, and ceiling create a subtle, seamless look}

{A cool pink tone with dark accents prevents a saccharin look. Très chic!}

{pastel pink walls with a taupe ceiling...less than boring with the mirrored accents!}

{If not a pink office, I could easily love a pink library}

So many shades of pink and more sophisticated than most would imagine. Au revoir, Alicia

 photo credits: one   two   three    four    five

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