13 June 2011

La grande revelation!

In hopes to create an escape for our guests, the guest room makeover consisted of lots of white paint (bien sur!), white, soft yellow, and gold accents, and minimal visual 'clutter'.  The result is a calming, zen like space with items that add a little 'boutique hotel' style glamour... I can't help but sneak a peek every time I go upstairs!

If you haven't caught a glimpse of the before pictures of this room, see my post from last week here.  The after pictures prove that miracles really do happen.

When I photographed the room, the gloomy skies resulted in some unflattering shadows, so please excuse them lurking in the background as we tour through the details...shall we?

Are you still there?  Quite an extended tour, but I hope you enjoyed it!  Alicia


  1. gorgeous! So happy to have come across your blog it's lovely! xo

  2. Hi Alicia...thank you for stopping by to say hello. I hope you see MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. I think your husband will enjoy it. Mine did.
    Hope you stop by again soon. I enjoy visiting you here as well.

  3. Your guest bedroom looks fresh and inviting. Very French country. I'm sure your guests will not rush to leave. You have a lovely blog. Have a great day.

  4. Thank you all for your comments :o) Glad you're enjoying the blog! Your blogs are equally as enjoyable and inspiring!


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