09 June 2011

Out with the ugly, in with the pretty

Renovating our 103 year old house has not been a small feat over the past few years.  New walls, ceilings, wiring, etc etc etc you name it, we've revamped it.  I am happy to say that my hubby and I are closing in on the finish line of our own personal extreme home makeover with wrapping up a redo of one of our extra bedrooms.  There are other small details throughout the house that need our attention, but this particular room has long been my arch nemesis.  Here are the before pics:

Don't you love how the previous owners painted around an area rug a few different times?

The nightmarish dingy, ceiling

A super 'groovy' light fixture that is about to fall out of that fabulous ceiling

Kind of a strange angle, but the wall behind the bedroom door.
So, are you wondering how we were able to transform this eyesore into something bright and pretty?  Check back next Monday to see the after photos!  Off to add the finishing touches. Ta ta for now!


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog! You are so talented!

    Miss you!

  2. You are so sweet :O) Thanks for checking this little ditty out. Miss you too!!


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