20 June 2011

White makes everything right

I love a good makeover...particularly one that lends itself to white paint.  Who am I kidding?  Everything lends itself to white paint (and usually looks better as a result!)  While looking through some of our pictures of home and furniture renovations, I came across a few images of an old wooden chest that my husband and I used as a coffee table in our first apartment.  As you can imagine, the chest had seen better days, but with a little imagination and collaboration with the hubs, we remade it into a padded bench that is the perfect perch for our cat (who has been edited out of the last picture :o)

the raw product

the beginning of something beautiful

murky primer
several coats of paint later

a foam padded top covered with black and white damask patterned fabric 

Much more regal of a piece with the addition of fancy legs!

It is so rewarding, not to mention 'green' (economically and ecologically speaking), to add a fresh sparkle to forgotten treasures that we already own.  What treasures have you recently dusted off and added a touch of life to?   I'd love to see pics, so please share!


  1. That is so beautiful, I love it! I've always wanted a trunk like that...never thought about finding an old one and fixing it up. Lovely!


  2. Thank you. Good luck on your hunt for your own trunk to fix up! Thanks for stopping in and becoming a follower.



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