27 June 2011

Treasure Chest

Today would have been my maternal grandmother's 102nd birthday.  Although she's been gone for several years now, I will always cherish the memories of sitting on the edge of her bed, with the warm glow from her lamps, listening to her tell a story about each piece of glimmering jewelry in her jewelry box.  A ritual that was a constant in every visit, a ritual that I never tired of, a ritual that I keep alive in my heart when I sift through my own jewelry box, rediscovering my grandmother's treasures amongst newly acquired vintage discoveries...

Grand-mère joyeux anniversaire, avec l'amour! XO


  1. My darling Daughter, Your words shared with the Etsy community today could not be more loving and exquisite. They bring such joy to me in remembering my peeking in on the two of you as you labored over each glittery jewel. Your Grandmother loved you so, embraced each sharing time with you, and was so proud of the woman you have become. You have made this a very special day for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. With unending love, I treasure you. Your Mere

  2. This is all your jewelry?! Wow, you're so lucky.. and this is such a great way to keep your memories of your grandmother alive & with you :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  3. Haha yes Katie it is, and that isn't even half of it!! I have a lot of trouble passing up a great vintage piece when I see it. Thanks for stopping by, I am headed over to check out your blog right now :o)


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